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Aguadilla - Acevedo Ramos
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:45:38 PM »
I am at a brick wall in my search for Miguel Acevedo and Epifania Ramos of Aguadilla. They are the parents of Felipa Acevedo y Ramos. b. 1850, d. sometime after the 1920 census. Felipa lived in the barrio Caimital Bajo. She was married to Carmelo Sanabria y Blas who pCensoreded away young, at 50. She then remarried or at least co-habitated with Andres Arce y Vega. Felipa had 4 children who lived (Gregorio, Juan, Barbarino, and Ysidora (aka Aurora)) and one that pCensoreded away very young (Rosa).

Miguel and Epifania also had another daughter that I am aware of, Justina Acevedo y Ramos. b. 1862, d. 1937 Santurce.

According to birth certificates of Felipa's children Miguel and Epifania were "naturales de Aguadilla" but I cannot locate any information on them other than listed as the parents and grandparents of the above.

Please contact me with any information that can help break through this wall.

Thank you,
Mateo Ramon Rosario Perez