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    There is a growing need in our culture for self-awareness, self-recognition and empowerment. Hispanics have become the largest minority group in this country. This means that we are faced with new responsibilities as a culture to ourselves and to those who come after us. As members of any Hispanic organization, we must be committed to helping each other grow and to foster pride and self-esteem in our children so they can continue to carry the torch. We can do this by choosing vehicles of encouragement which help elevate our cultural pride.

    Genealogy is the study of one's family history, tracing lineages and recording ancestral information. It is one vehicle which provides a sense of belonging and pride. Knowing that we are part of a rich and unique history fosters a new appreciation for our culture.

    The Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York contributes to this commitment by providing the knowledge of where we come from on a historical as well as a genealogical level. This commitment has been translated into our MISSION STATEMENT.

    Our ongoing objectives are:
    1. To encourage Hispanics to research their roots, history and rich heritage.
    2. To provide instruction and assistance in genealogical research.
    3. To locate and make available genealogical resources for research.
    4. To protect and restore historical documents relating to Hispanics and our history.
    5. To establish a network of Hispanic genealogical libraries and other resources.
    6. To begin the organization of a National Hispanic Genealogical Association.
    7. To encourage Hispanics to spread information about our history and culture.
    8. To lobby for Hispanic collections in libraries.