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    This is a general overview on how to use the P.R.A.M. in its current configuration. You can search our database with 4 pieces of data Surname, Town, Barrio and Country. In its current configuration you must search in that same order.

    Example: I can search for Surname "Martinez" all by itself and I will receive the results of all members looking for the same Surname in all areas. At a minimum you need a Surname to perform a search. Now if I also know the Surname and Town I'm looking for family in I can include that in my search. I can put Surname = Martinez and the Town = Ponce and then search. The results returned will be more refined returning only people looking for the same Surname in the same Town.

    But I can not add Surname = Martinez and Barrio = Guaraguao , because I have to supply the data as listed above if I have it (Surname, Town, Barrio, Country - top to bottom looking at the form on the website) in that order.

    Later we hope to add more dynamic searches but this will be in the future.

    Also know that in order to contact anyone with a similar search you need to have a free account with us. This is to reduce spam to our members and users as well as add some accountability to the contacting person. Once your account has been approved you can all add you search interest to our database so you will also come up in results of other researches looking in the same areas or surnames.
    Please know any reported spamming or misuse may result in your access being terminated. Please use the tool as intended with the spirit in mind of furthering genealogical research and connections.

    If you have questions or need help using this tool please feel free to send an email to and we will gladly help in you search with this tool.
    Thank you,
    WebMaster HGSNY
    rev. 1.0 - 1/2013