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    That’s right! All back issues of our award-winning newsletter on two compact disks! Saved in Adobe Acrobat format, you can easily browse and read, or print your favorite newsletter in full color, now available through secure credit card purchase!
    Back issues of Nuestra Herencia from:

    • 1997-2000 (12 issues) are on Disk #1
    • 2001-2003 (12 issues) are on Disk #2
    • 2004-2006 (12 issues) are on Disk #3
    • 2007-2009 (12 issues) are on Disk #4
    • 2010-2012 (12 issues) are on Disk #5
    Complete with index and search instructions.
    Each CD costs $15.00 + $5.00 shipping. Order All 5 for $75!

    CD #1
    $15.00 + $5.00 S&H

    CD #2
    $15.00 + $5.00 S&H

    CD #3
    $15.00 + $5.00 S&H

    CD #4
    $15.00 + $5.00 S&H

    CD #5
    $15.00 + $5.00 S&H

    Get all 5 CD's
    $75.00 Free S&H

    CD(s) Table Of Contents

    Compact Disk 1 Compact Disk 2 Compact Disk 3
    Contents of CD 1 Contents of CD 2 Contents of CD 3
    Compact Disk 4 Compact Disk 5  
    Contents of CD 4 Contents of CD 5  

    Member Comments

    • Clara Cabrera wrote:

      I started looking into my family history online, not being a native Spanish speaker made it more difficult and I was mostly finding lots of hits that were not specifically about my family. I then began in earnest to try to find the resources a Hispanic person looking for her genealogy roots could connect to, and I came across HGSNY. I attended one meeting and I was hooked. The help, support and friendship this group of diligent, intelligent and diverse people provided has kept me a member and an active participant on past boards. I have found resources and information I never would have found on my own. The meetings are always informative, the newsletter is interesting and the people - it's all about the people. Members span different Latin origins, age groups and professional fields. I am grateful to have found HGSNY.

    • Rev. Laura Cotrich wrote:

      To me being a HGSNY member means being part of an exceptional agency that offers a numerous amount of resources, that educates not only the Puerto Rican Community but also the rest of general public who wishes to learn about genealogy. I am proud and grateful to be associated with all it's members and the wonderful staff. I've learned and grown from all my experiences with HGSNY; with the workshops, our conversations, materials sent and given to me and the trips taken. Thank you HGSNY for giving me this great opportunity.

    • Orlando Bodón-Echevarria wrote:

      Becoming a member of HGSNY has helped me to see Puerto Rico’s history with whole new perspective. I began to see that Puerto Rico was more than just Bacardi, baseball and beaches. Researching several towns made me wonder why ancestors moved. I began to look into different events in the time periods that I was researching to finding possible reasons for their moving such as war, earthquakes, famine, sickness and even something as simple as looking for work. These things really made me wonder about how my ancestors lived and what they went through.
      The trips with the society to Puerto Rico have been informative and fun. The insight and tips from other members on genealogy have proven invaluable. It is reassuring to know that if I get “stuck” or I don’t understand or can’t figure out a word in a document that I know that I can turn to my fellow members for a helping hand.

    • Marcus Martinez wrote:

      Being apart of this group has helped me gain a better understanding of my heritage as well as some of the hardships my ancestors may have gone through. It is only through the sacrifice of my ancestors that I have the life I do today. Many thanks to all HGSNY Members & Staff for helping me come to a better understanding of who I am and where I come from.

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