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  • The Beginning

    They began by helping each other research their Puerto Rican roots on Compuserve's Genealogy Forum where there were very few people researching Latin roots. With time, the Latin American Forum was created where the group was able to expand their knowledge, specific to Hispanic research. They created an on-line Hispanic reference library, collecting genealogical resources from all over Latin America and Spain.

    Attendance to the forum continued to grow as on-line conferencing and networking between members from many Latin American countries, and Spain, enabled the group to be diversified. A short editorial letter in HISPANIC magazine gave further exposure to the groups purpose, helping to make it the largest Hispanic genealogical group on-line, at the time.

    In 1995, Jorge Camuńas, Alfred Sosa and Charlie Fourquet got togther in a meeting with some key people, including Executive Director of The Puerto Rican Heritage House, and began plans to form a Hispanic Genealogy society that could reach out to all fellow Latinos, sharing their expertise and helping to pave the way for Hispanic research in New York.